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        Non dairy Creamer
        for coffee
        for milk tea
        for ice cream
        for formula milk
        for baking
        for cereal
        for condiment
        for iced beverages
        Cheese Powder
        stirring cheese powder
        whipping cheese powder
        Caramel Color
        Caramel Color
        Dextrose Monohydrate
        Dextrose Anhydrous
        Brown Maltodextrin

        At present, our products have been exported to several country. and are trusted by our customers.

        Heze Roc Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. It is now the leading seller of non-dairy creamer and food ingredients in China. We strictly implement and maintain hygiene procedures to keep the best quality to meet customers’ requirements under the efforts of professional technicians. Hundreds of thousand tons of superior quality non-dairy creamer and other food ingredients are delivered to world market every year. To date Whole Foods Market remains uniquely mission driven: We're highly selective about what we sell, dedicated to stringent Quality Standards, and committed to healthy ingredients.
        At present, our products have been exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia,  Australia, Turkey, and are trusted by our customers.
        Depending on the best credit standing, wary service, dependable quality, our company will make our customer satisfactory. Our company welcomes wholeheartedly our customers home and abroad to cooperate with us to develop economic cooperation relations, enlarge businesses and strengthen jointly.

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